BuddyPress Integration

BuddyForms and BuddyPress work perfectly together. We created different extensions for BuddyPress. You can find the functionality listed here.

Integrate any form into the BuddyPress member profile and post new form Submissions to the activity stream
Link to the documentation: How to Integrate a Form into the BuddyPress Member Profiles

Create registration forms and overwrite the BuddyPress registration
Link to the documentation: Overwrite the BuddyPress Registration

Create BuddyPress profile forms for any member type
Link to the documentation: Create different Forms for any BuddyPress Member Type and replace the BuddyPress edit profile form with a BuddyForms form

See all the form elements available for BuddyPress
Link to the documentation: BuddyPress Form Elements

See the video to see the plugin in action.

With the Profile Image extension, you can select profile images in registration and profile forms

With the "Attached Post with Groups" extension, you can create groups during post creation and redirect the post to the group

The post will be displayed as a new Tab in the Group and can be edit in the Group Admin. This will enable you to collaborate on a Post within a Group

You can find the plugin on WordPress.org as a free extension: BuddyForms Attach Post with Group and advanced Documentation here.


Create a Social Marketplace with WooCommerce and BuddyPress

Integrate any Custom Post Type Related Plugin into BuddyPress

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