Overwrite the BuddyPress Registration

You can overwrite the BuddyPress Registration and redirect the users to an individual page instead of using the BuddyPress Page where the login and registration are displayed site by site.

You can select the Registration Page and the Registration Form. 

Available Options:

  • Registration Page
    • This option is to select the page that you want to use for the registration, you will have the option to customize the page and you will need to include your form.
  • Registration Form
    • This option will let you select the form that you want to show on the registration page and overwrite the form for the page that you already selected. If you already select a page this option will override the content and use only the page as an endpoint.

Important: The overwrite of the Form does not let you customize the page like add extra content. 

Combine it with the Custom Login Page Extension to create some nice Registration and Login Workflow and overwrite the default WordPress and BuddyPress Login and Registration

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