BuddyPress Form Elements

Select the form element you want to use in the Form builder Field Type select.

Member Types

Display BuddyPress Member Types in a Select box or set to hidden and define the member type for a form. Submitting the form will change the member type of the user submitting the form. You can create different forms for different Member Types and display the correct form instead of the BuddyPress Form when editing the profile.

Member Types can be created by code or with plugins. BuddyForms members work with your existing Member Types. If you want to create new member types we recommend. this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-member-type-generator/ The plugin simply creates a UI for the Member Types Management. 

Member Taxonomies

Member Taxonomies are quite powerful. You can use any taxonomy as BuddyPress select or multi-select form element. 

xProfile Field

Display a BuddyPress xProfile Field in the form and store the data in the xprofile field.

xProfile Field Group

You can integrate a complete BuddyPress xProfile Group into the form. If you already have some Profile Tabs and want to integrate a complete Tab you can save a lot of time and use this form element instead of the xProfile Single Field.

Profile Image

With the profile image extension, we get one more form element to collect profile images. Please read the Documentation for more information on Profile Images

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