xProfile Fields and xProfile Field Groups

You can use xProfile Fields and Field Groups in Forms to collect and store xProfile data during registration or in your custom Profile Forms. 

In the BuddyPress Profile Fields section, you can create all the fields you need and make sure you store all data as BuddyPress xProfile fields. You can select the Visibility and Member Type of each profile field and create the different tabs for your fields. This information can be used later to display the profile fields.

Then you can use this fields or field groups in your forms and create Registration forms with just the relevant fields without getting bound to the BuddyPress logic. You can also overwrite the default BuddyPress edit profile view with your own form and Layout the form to your needs.

Get more information about xProfile Fields and xProfile Field Groups in the BuddyPress Form Elements Documentation.

Layout the Edit Profile Form

It's really hard to layout the BuddyPress default edit profile form. If you ever tried to uncutter the edit profile form you know its a difficult task. With BuddyForms you can overwrite the profile form and use the BuddyForms Form Designer to create the layout you are looking for. read more about overwriting the BuddyPress Profile here: Create different Forms for any BuddyPress Member Type and replace the BuddyPress edit profile form with a BuddyForms form

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