​Create different forms for any BuddyPress Member Type and replace the BuddyPress Edit Profile form with Member Type-specific Forms

You can create individual forms for any Member Type and display the form in the member profile edit screen. This enables you to design beautiful forms for your members and make it easier for your users to complete there profile information.

This is a Screenshot of the BuddyForms - BuddyPress setting to select the forms for the different member Types.

You can create member types in BuddyPress with PHP or by using a plugin. We have used BP Member Type Generator in this example

Member Type Form Elements

During Registration:
You can use the Member Type form element in the Registration to allow your users to select the Member.

In the Profile Forms
You can add the member Type Form Element in the Profile forms to allow your users to switch the member Type. This will enable you to show a new profile form to users after they switch the Member Type. This form can have completely different fields.

Use as Hiden Form Element
You can add the Member Type form element as hidden form element to any form and pre-define the Member Type. This will enable you to change the member type in the background during form submission. This can be very interesting if you want to create forms to become a new member type. You can ask the user to fill out all fields before he submits the form and become the new member type, A typical example is a "Become a Vendor Form"  if you have a Marketplace. or "Become a Student" if you are in a Univerity.

Read More about Member Types here: BuddyPress form elements

See the video highlighting the Process

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