Redirect Form Endpoint to the correct Ultimate Member User Tab

Every post related form in BuddyForms with an attached page has his own endpoint. The endpoints are used to create direct URLs to manage existing submissions or create new content by displaying the correct form.

You can combine different forms under the same attached page. The endpoint get automatically redirected to the correct Ultimate Member profile tab as soon as the integration is enabled.

Use Endpoints in Pages to create navigations with pour Gutenberg Blogs, as Shortcodes or just Normal Links
You can use these endpoints to create navigations on pages or other placers on your site to link to the logged-in user submissions and forms to create new content. With these techniques, you can create User Dashboards with BuddyForms. If you use Ultimate Member and integrate a form into the user profile the endpoint will be automatically redirected to the correct user tab.

 Please see this video if you are interested in User Dashboards

Now let us see how the links behave if we enable Ultimate Member integration for this form

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