BuddyForms Hook Fields

With the BuddyForms Hook Fields Extension you can display your form elements in the frontend. It does work with every theme and is the most easy why to get your form elements value displayed in the post single view.

The Hook Fields Extension does work with the following form element types

  1. Text
  2. Text area
  3. Link ( Website )
  4. eMail
  5. Dropdown
  6. Radio button
  7. Checkbox
  8. Taxonomy
  9. Number
  10. Date

The Hook Fields Extensions adds a new tab to the Form Elements with 3 options

  1. Display: This only works for the single view
    1. before_the_title
    2. after_the_title
    3. before_the_content
    4. after_the_content
  2. Hook: Add hook name works global
  3. Display name: Display Label of the form element

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