Shortcodes Overview

List of all available shortcodes.

BuddyForms comes with numerous shortcodes that can be used for displaying various parts of the plugin, such as the forms, users post lists, buttons, registration and login forms, and many more.

Display the Form and Submissions

Display a Form
[bf form_slug=""]

Display Submissions from the logged-in user so he can manage his entries.
[bf_posts_list form_slug="" view=""]

Create Links to the Form Endpoints for Creating or Editing Submissions

Every form can have their own endpoints. This is a url pointing to the form or users post list. Read more about  Form Endpoints

Link to the Form 
[bf_link_to_form form_slug="" label=""]  

Link to the logged-in users Submissions
[bf_link_view_posts form_slug="" label=""] 

Links to the Form and Submissions as navigation
[bf_nav form_slug="" label_add="" label_view="" separator=""]

Display Posts to the Public for Normal Unregistered Visitors of your Site

Most of the themes or plugins come with their own views to display submissions. If you use BuddyForms to create a form for an existing post type, the display part is most of the time already done because the theme or plugin is creating the post type. In this case you only use BuddyForms for the frontend form and management of the users submissions from the frontend. 

If you have created you own post type and search for a way to list the post created by a forms you can use the following Shortcodes.

Display all Submission created by a Form
[buddyforms_list_all query_option="list_all_published_posts" user_logged_in_only="false" form_slug=""]

Display all Submission created by a Form filtered by Post Meta 
[buddyforms_list_all query_option="list_all_published_posts_by_meta_key" meta_value="" user_logged_in_only="false" form_slug=""]

Display all Posts of a Post Type
[buddyforms_list_all query_option="list_all_published_posts" user_logged_in_only="false" post_type=""]

Display a Registration Form

Registration forms are technically the same form as any other BuddyForm. Just use the shortcode to embed a form 

Display a Registration Form
[bf form_slug=""]

Display a Password Reset Form

Display a Passwort Reset Form

Display a Passwort Reset Form with a custom redirect after the successful password change 
[buddyforms_reset_password redirect_url=""]

Display a Login Form


Display a Login Form with a custom redirect after the successful login
[bf_login_form redirect_url=""]

The Login Form comes with some label parameter. You can overwrite the labels in the shortcode
[bf_login_form title=""]

Available Labels:
title = Login
label_username = Username or Email Address
label_password = Password
label_remember = Remember Me
label_log_in = Log In

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