View Form Submissions

In this tutorial, you will learn how to view the submissions that were sent via a certain form.

There are two options to display the submissions.

A) Via the menu Submissions

B) Via the form 

View Form Submissions via the menu Submissions

Got to BuddyForms > Submissions. 

Select the desired form from the drop-down menu to see the submissions.

You get a list with all the submissions that are related to the chosen form.

View Form Submissions via the Form

B) Go to BuddyForms > BuddyForms.

Hover the cursor over a certain form.

Then you can view all the form submissions that belong to the chosen form.

To switch to submissions of another form, simply select the form from the dropdown menu:

To edit or delete a submission read the following articles: 

Edit a submission

Delete a submission

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