Select a Page in the FormBuilder to enable Post Management

The page you select will be used to build the form and user posts list URLs:

Create url will display the form 

View url wil diplays all submissions of the logged in user or a login form.

Edit url will display the post edit form

Attached Page URLS are for logged in users only
If a logged off user try to access any of the above url's login form is displayed. 

Grouping Forms 
Different Forms can be associated with the same Page. If you have 2 or more forms belong to the same type of posts you can group them under one page

Pro Tips: 
You don’t have to use the auto-generated URLs -- you can add a form or user posts list to any page or post using shortcodes and just use the auto-generated URLs if someone clicks on a edit button in a single view or somewhere on the front of your site. 

To make this happen make sure a page is selected and "Overwrite Front-end 'Edit Post' Link" is set to "All". BuddyForms will keep care of all edit links from your theme or general WordPress and redirect it to the correct form.

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