Pay for Submissions With WooCommerce

Before you Start:

First: Make sure that you have BuddyForms, WooCommerce, and BuddyForms Pay For Submissions Plug-ins installed on your web.

Second: If you don´t know how to install a plug-in from a ZIP file, go Here

Third: Make sure that you have at least one product created for the Pay for Submissions metabox to be displayed.

Fourth: The form you want to use must be published and not in a drafted state

Fifth:  Verify you have the WooCommerce plug-in settings completed, especially the Payments and the Advanced settings.

These are the steps to enable your customers to pay for the submission of any data to your site with BuddyForm,  WooCommerce, and the Pay For Submissions Extension.

Step N° 1:

We must first go to the site as an administrator and then:

  • Select BuddyForms on the left menu.

Step N° 2:

  • Create a new form.

Step N° 3:

  • Select any of the Post Forms already created, select a name like "Pay for Submission" and publish it.

Step 4:

  • Go back to the recently created form and now should be a "Pay for Submissions" meta box. You can find it if you scroll down.
  • Enable "pay to submit the entry".
  • In "select the product", select the product you recently created, in this example is "Guest Post - Pay for Submission"
  • Enable Go directly to checkout.

Step 5:

Go to The Form option, located in the right upper corner of your screen, so you can preview the form

It should look like this:

Enter some content and a title and click on submit. This way you can check the form is working.

Step 6:

For your users to see the submission page copy the following shortcode on any page:

The full list of shortcodes here:

Step 7:

Create a new page and copy the shortcode like this:

Click in the " +" sign to get a new column and then in "shortcode"

Once you have the shortcode inputted, it should look like this:

Now, the new page should look like this:

(the same as the "The Form" option in Step 5)

This way, your Guest Authors don't need to go to a checkout cart to buy a post in your blog, and they don't need to get in contact with you previously at the Post Submission, so you can save a lot of time and resources. Then, for you to 

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