BuddyBoss Integration

You can use BuddyBoss with BuddyForms in the same way as you use BuddyPress. BuddyBoss did fork BuddyPress and we support both versions with BuddyForms.

Install all needed Plugins

  1. Install and activate BuddyBoss
  2. Install and activate BuddyForms
  3. Install and Activate BuddyForms Members

Create a Form for Posts
You can use the Form Wizard to create a post form: Follow this documentation and come back here: Creating a post form with the form wizard

Create a Page for the Dashboard 
--> In the form builder under edit submissions you can define the page attached to this page. We can create the dashboard in this step by clicking the Create a new Page link under the select box

Tip: You can Group Multiple forms under the same Dashboard: Group Forms under one parent tab

It all works in the same way as it does in BuddyPress.

You can find the complete BuddyPress Documentation here

BuddyPress Documentation

You can find the complete BuddyBoss relevant Documentation here:

BuddyBoss Documentation

Please see the video highlighting the process 

Use any BuddyForms Integration

Extend with Addons for Moderation, Use ACF Fields, or Integrate Pods. there are many useful tools around guest posts. See here:

BuddyBoss relevant Videos

Sync Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) With BuddyBoss/BuddyPress xProfile Fields

How to Integrate Pods with BuddyPress

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