Display a Profile Form as new BuddyPress Member Profile Tab

If you want to use a BuddyForms Registration form as profile form you can do so by 2 different methods.

1. Overwrite the default BuddyPress profile edit form with a member Type-specific BuddyForm
Please read this documentation: https://docs.buddyforms.com/article/534-create-different-forms-for-any-buddypress-member-typ

2. Create a new BuddyPress Member Profile Tab to add your form in there
There are several plugins out there to create new BuddyPress Member Tabs. In this example, we are using the Custom Profile Menu for BuddyPress Plugin.

How it works
Just install the above plugin and create a new tab. Add the form shortcode in the tab of the form you want to make available as a profile form. 

See the video highlighting the Process

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