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With the BuddyForms Pods Extension, you can integrate any Pods Field with BuddyForms

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Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields and BuddyForms Frontend Forms

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Pods Framework - BuddyForms Pods


Integrate any Pods Group or Pods Field with Buddyforms and build Frontend Forms from your Pods to collect Pods relevant data.

Link to the Documentationhttps://docs.buddyforms.com/article/634-create-a-buddypress-extension-from-your-pods-with-buddyforms-members

Sync your existing BuddyForms Field with Pods

Link to the Documentation: https://docs.buddyforms.com/article/631-sync-buddyforms-fields-with-pods-fields

Build a BuddyPress Member Profile Tab from your Pods and enable your members to manage there pods from the profil

Link to the Documentation: https://secure.helpscout.net/docs/55b66f75e4b0616b6f27010f/article/5e3da97b2c7d3a7e9ae77009/

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