Geo my WP Shortcode

On this page, we will show you the available options to show and customize a map with entries from a Form. Be careful that the entries you want to show on the map need to have the location data.  

Show a map

To show the Form Entries in a map you can use the next shortcode. 

[bf_geo_my_wp form_slug=""]


  • form_slug  --> is required
    • This is the string to identify the Forms. 
  • map_width --> is optional | default: 250px
    • Set the map's width in pixels or percentage
    • Example: 300px or 100% 
  • map_height --> is optional | default: 250px
    • Set the map's height in pixels or percentage
    • Example: 300px or 100% 
  • zoom_level --> is optional | default: 7
    • The zoom level defines the resolution of the current view.
    • Zoom levels between 0 ( the lowest zoom level, in which the entire world can be seen on one map ) and 18 ( down to streets and individual buildings ) are possible.
  • map_type --> is optional | default: ROADMAP
    • Enter the map type that you would like to use
    • Available types: ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID, and TERRAIN.
  • scrollwheel_map_zoom --> is optional | default: 1
    • Enable/disable map zoom in/out using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • info_window --> is optional | default: title,address,distance
    • The elements that you would like to display in the info window. The elements available are distance, title, address
  • map_icon_url  --> is optional | default: internal icon
  • no_location_message --> is optional | default: 0
    • Enter the message to display if no location exists that you would like to display. Otherwise, set it to 0 to hide the message. 
  • logged_in_user  --> is optional | default: false
    • Define if the shortcode output will be available for logged in users or public user


Show a map with different Icon with custom height, width and zoom level 9.

[bf_geo_my_wp <br>form_slug="test-geo-my-wp-1" map_width="100%" map_height="300px" zoom_level="9" <br>map_icon_url=""]

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