Introduction to BF Geo My WP

Include a map on your site is a huge improvement of it. It can be powerful for your users to have the site with a map where they can find the entry related to a specific content not matter if we are referring to a Post, a User, Product or a Custom Post Type.

You are lucky: BuddyForms is now compatible with Geo my WP. We build the extension of  BuddyForms Geo My WP

In order to make this extension working, you need Geo my WP installed and configured with the Google API Key in place.

To configure the API KEY of Geo my WP please read the next page:

Generate And Setup Google Maps API Keys

To bring the location power to your user-generated content you will  need to learn 2 topics:

  1. Let the user input the location.
  2. Show the location already stored on the site.

To let the user input the location into your content we build a custom field and you can find it under the group Geo My WP with the name Address.

To learn more about this Form Element follow the next link Geo Location Form Element

Show the location already stored in the site we build a special shortcode where you can get the entries that you want to output and apply some minor customizations to the form. Read more in the next link Geo my WP Shortcode.

We hope that this new extension provide your users with a new amazing tool where they can create content location ready. 

Please kindly note that we are always open to suggestions, you can write to us whenever you want to about your feelings and opinions about this extension.  

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