Create a BuddyPress Member Profile Contact Form

Create a BuddyPress Member Profile Contact Form 

These are the steps for creating a contact form so any visitor can get in touch with members, moderators, or administrators of a website without any kind of restriction.

Step N° 1: 

We must first go to the site as an administrator and then:

  • Select BuddyForms on the left menu.
  • Tab to add new.
  • Select the contact type form.

Step N° 2:

After having our contact form ready and having the changes saved.

  • Scroll down to the BF Member Profile meta box.
  • A new option has been added (Only will be visible after saving the changes and if we are in a contact form)

This functionality allows us to create a contact form that's visible only to visitors to a member's profile. What does this mean? 

By checking this option and going to our profile while connected, the contact form won't be shown.

However, for our visitors, this would be the view that they would have when entering your profile or of some other member.


Note 1: If after saving the changes in our contact form, we come across this message, all we have to do is the following.

Checking the Send Message to Member box creates a new option in notifications where we must select at least one email notification and then be able to send the message to a member.

After following all these steps, we can verify that everything is working perfectly by checking our inbox.

This will help us to have direct and unrestricted communication with anyone who wishes to contact us.

Note 2: If we want to change the name of our contact tab, we just have to get in our contact form, edit the name and save the changes.

Note 3: If the BuddyPress Members Profiles meta box is not displayed in the form creation, make sure that you have selected a page in the section BuddyForm - Settings - Default Page for your Submissions Management in the Frontend.  

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