Grouping Products

With WooCommerce you are able to create grouped products. Grouped products are parent posts in WordPress. All products of a grouped product are child posts of the parent post.

BuddyForms does not display child posts by default. It only displays the parent posts in the users posts list. To display the child posts in the users posts lists you need the Hierarchical Posts Extension.

With the Hierarchical Posts Extension you enable child post support and make managing grouped products with child posts possible.

If you install and activate the Hierarchical Posts extension your are able to display the grouped products with its associated child products, We are talking about the user post list. Not the shop view or any other view. BuddyForms does not manipulate other plugin views. 

You will be able to create - edit or delete grouped products and its children according to your user rights. Child posts will follow the same roles you have defined in the form builder for the parent post.

As Example 

If you want your vendors to be able to create music albums with songs, The album can be a grouped product and the songs the child products.

Please see the Video to see the Hierarchical Posts extension with WooCommerce in action.

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