How to create posts from your mobile device using BuddyBoss App and BuddyForms

BuddyForms offers native support for the BuddyBoss App. You can create forms to include them within the App and thus allow users to create content from their mobile devices. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create and integrate it within the App to allow the user to create articles directly from their profile. For this, you will need to have the following plugins installed on your website:

Once you have installed BuddyForms and the BuddyForms Members extension, you must create the form with the fields you need. To do this you must click on BuddyForms > Add New and choose a base template for the form creation. In this case, we will use the "Post Form All Fields template":

Once you have selected the template, the form configuration panel will be displayed where you can edit everything related to this new form:

When you have the desired fields ready, you must scroll down the page to the BP Member Profiles section. This is where we will choose to include this form in the user's profile. You must check the option “Integrate this form” and “Use Attached Page as Parent” in case you need to include more than one form and you want them to be displayed within the same tab:

Now you just have to save the changes by clicking on “Update” and create a new Build within the BuddyBoss App by clicking on BuddyBoss App > Build > Request Build:

With this, the form is ready to be used within the user profiles, either on the Web or within the App. If you now access the user's profile from the web, you will see a tab with it name of the form and in it by clicking on Add the user can create a new post:

The same applies to the App. When you go to the profile screen you will see a new option with the name of the form:

BuddyBoss App and BuddyForms

And that's it, now you just have to enjoy knowing that your users will be able to create content from their mobiles!

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