How to Create Profile Pages with Elementor that are Editable by the User

In this Solution, we go into detail overall what you need to do to manage content from BuddyPress / BuddyBoss Member Profile

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1. Installation

Install and activate the  BuddyForms plugin.

2. Form Creation

Once you’ve activated  BuddyForms, you should see a new BuddyForms tab located in the left side menu.


If you’re using  Elementor to create your website for Artists/Members, from the left side menu, go to Elementor → Settings → General.

In the  Post Types section make sure the Artists checkbox is ticked off. This will create a new tab on the left side menu called Artists, where all of your site’s members will be located for editing and moderation purposes.

To create a new form, go to  BuddyForms → Add New.

Choose your desired form name, and use the builder to create your form. Use the dropdown located in the bottom right corner of the form builder meta box in order to choose more fields.

Once you’ve created your form, scroll down to the  Form Setup meta box and click Edit Submissions.

Once your form is complete, hit  Publish and you can now start inviting users to update their profiles and give you more information to become an active member of your website!

3. Updating Artist Information


In order to update your website’s members’ information, go to the  Artists tab located in the left side menu.

Hover over your artist who needs updating and click  Edit.

Once on the artist’s page, you’re free to update any fields which are outdated or invalid.

Once the artist’s information is updated, hit  Publish to updated the changes to your live website!

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