How to Display Form Submission Data on the Frontend

In this Solution, we go into detail overall what you need to do to enable Guest Posts Submission on your site. Please watch the video and follow the steps.ö

Introduction Video

Installation Wizard

This solution can be installed with the TK Solution Installation Wizard and is part of this Solution:

Manual Setup 

1. Installation

Install and activate the BuddyForms and BuddyForms Hook Fields plugins

2. Form Creation

Once you’ve activated BuddyForms, you should see a new BuddyForms tab located in the left side menu.

To create a new form, go to BuddyForms → Add New.

Choose your desired form name, and use the builder to create your form. Use the dropdown located in the bottom right corner of the form builder meta box in order to choose more fields.

3. Hook Fields Extension


To make desired form element values appear before/after the title or before/after the content sections, click the Hooks tab, and select where you’d like to display the vlaue.

Additional Options

With the BuddyForms Hook Fields extension, you also have the option to add a hook name, as well as choose to display the Field Label when the form gets submitted.

Once your form is complete, hit Publish and your website visitors are free to make their posts!

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