How to integrate BuddyForms with WPML

WPML is a modern and popular plugin that allows WordPress users powered their sites with multilingual features, in this article, we are going to discuss some points to make sure BuddyForms gets properly integrated with this wonderful plugin, let's check it out.

Translate the default BuddyForms Submission Page.

BuddyForms use submission pages to build the endpoints for the different views of forms at the Front-end, this submission page could be the default one BuddyForms Submissions Page or any other custom one. To make sure the BuddyForms endpoints works properly for your all site's languages you have to make sure this page is available for all your site's languages, to do so, go to the Admin Page view and search for your BuddyForms submission page (by default BuddyForms Submissions Page), once you found it you will need to edit it and duplicate the page for all the site's languages, WPML have a very nice feature that will allow you make it in a click. 

Configure WPML to copy BuddyForms Custom Fields (Postmetas)

Most of the time, you don’t need to configure anything to make the translated, or duplicated entries works properly in BuddyForms, however, if you translated entries aren't been listed on the BuddyForms User Post List, you should try enabling the Custom Fields Translation to copy the internal custom field (postmeta) _bf_form_slug that is used to attach entries to forms, also if your translated, or duplicate entries are not showing the Form Custom Fields values, you have to make sure copy them too. 

Automatically duplicate BuddyForms entries after the submission

WPML have a very good feature that allows users to duplicate content that hasn't been translated yet, to show them in all the site's languages, also it automatically synced the copies with the original content to keep the copies up to date as long as the copies have not been translated yet.

This duplication feature is only available from the admin Post Edit Screen:

So, if you wanna integrates this feature in BuddyForms you will need some custom code, but don't scare of it, is actually pretty simple. Here's is snippet that allow you to automatically duplicate entries submitted by our forms.

You can add this code into your theme (Child theme if you are using a commercial theme), or you can create a very simple plugin a pasted the code on the main file. If you don't know how use this code, or you have any question left, don't hesitate and write to us to 😉

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