How to Build a Public Author Profile and an Author Box

In this documentation, you'll learn how to Buil a Public Author Profile and an Author Box using BuddyForms, so your users can have their own Profile Page to publish content on your Site and an Author Box with their Profile Photo, an Author's Bio, and their social networks displayed at the end of every article they publish.

To do this, you'll need to have downloaded and activated the BuddyForms plugin. To do this read the following documentation [how to download and install BuddyForms Plugin]

Author Profile.

The author's profile is fed with the profile page, so you have a unified profile throughout the entire WordPress environment. And it's also needed for your users to edit their own profiles.

Step 1:

Create a profile for your new member in the User Tab, located on the bottom left side of the WordPress screen.

Step 2:

On the user creation page, make sure you fill in all the relevant information.

Username (required): Be careful, this field cannot be changed afterward.

Email (required): This is required for your user to authenticate themselves.

Password: It can be any password, your user can change it afterward.

Send User Notification: Be sure to click this notification so your user gets an email to identify on your site.

Role: It can be a Contributor or Author.

Click on "Add New User" when you are done.

Step 3:

After the user page it's done, an email will be sent to the email inbox about the new account. Then, the user will be able to modify their profile as they see fit.

Author Box.

The author box it's a very useful feature that allows you to display a snippet at the end of every article with the author's profile image, social networks, and the author's bio, giving your blog a very professional looking.

You'll need to have the Simple Author Box plugin to access this feature.

Step 1:

After completing the Author Profile, on the same page scroll down to the bottom section, starting with the Biographical Info text box, where you can add the Author,s Bio.

In the Profile Image, you can add the image which is going to be displayed in the snippet.

In the Social Media Links, you can add as many social networks as you want and all of them will be displayed in the snippet whit their corresponding links.

Step 2:

Once you have your new user page created, in the new article make sure you selected the correct Author, in the author box, so it gets displayed at the end of the article. This box is located at the middle right section of the article creation screen.

Step 3:

Finally, when the article is live you'll get a fancy snippet with all the information you added beforehand.

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