Can I set a User for Post Submitted by Unregistered Users?

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First the Basics

With BuddyForms you can allow unregistered users to submit a post. You have several options on how to manage the new user. You can create the user during the submission or assign the user to a default author.  

Please see the Documentation on How to Create New User During Post Submission

This video is an in deep walkthrough over all the options needed for an unregistered user

Now let us answer the question

"Can I set a User for Post Submitted by Unregistered Users?"

It's not working out of the box. We need to create a custom function and add it to the function.php Let me describe the process step by step.

First, we need to create a new hidden form element to add a user id.

Second, we need to add a code snipped to our function.php in the theme or as a separate plugin to auto-assign the author during submission.

See the video to understand the complete process

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