Form Field Upload

This amazing Form Element let your users upload one or more files to your server. 


Field Options

All the normal options are present in this field, to read more about them please continue in this link.

Specific field Options

  • General
    • Max File Size in MB
      • This defines the max Size permitted to upload trough this Form Element.
    • Allowed File Types
      • Select the supported file types.
    • Allowed File Types Resume
      • Show a resume of the above option selected types.
    • Upload Image From Url
      • Convert the field into an oEmbed element letting your user upload an image from a URL. It only support images.
  • Validation
    • Ensure Amount
      • If you check this option the Field will validate the exact amount of Max number of files that will be handled defined, not less. Kind of required amount ;)
      • If this option not checked the user can upload less than de fined in the option `Max number of files that will be handled`. 
    • Max number of files that will be handled
      • Define the max amount of files to be uploaded using this Form Element.
    • Max files Validation Error Message
      • The error to show when the Max files validation is trigger.
    • Upload Error Validation Message
      • This is the generic error will get the user on case of any error.

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