Form Field Textarea

If you want people to send you longer messages then you can add a textarea field instead of the text field. 


Field Options

All the normal options are present in this field, to read more about them please continue in this link

Specific field Options

  • Advanced
    • Turn off wp editor features
      • If you need to disable different features of the WP Editor using in the frontend you can use this option.
    • Generate textarea
      • If you need to generate the textarea, you can fill this option with the combination of field slug you want to build.
    • Hidden?
      • Define if the textarea will be shown in the frontend. Take in count if you are auto-generating the textarea the user input title will take precedence over the auto-generated. We recommend hiding the textarea if you need to auto-generate it.
    • Amount of rows
      • This define the number of rows the WP Editor will have in the frontend. 

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