Form field Taxonomy

Decide how you would like to structure your content and products: in a hierarchy (or non-hierarchy), mother and child relationships, tags or categories. You can also choose if your taxonomy choice is either for a website or a product-type.


Field Options

All the normal options are present in this field, to read more about them please continue in this link

Specific field Options

  • General
    • Default Terms
      • Define the default taxonomy selected.
    • Taxonomy Placeholder
      • This will be the placeholder shown in the Form Element when it is output in the frontend.
    • Taxonomy Order
      • Define how the list of taxonomies will be ordered, ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC). 
    • Multiple Selection
      • Define if the user can select multiples taxonomies. 
    • Include Items
      • Define what taxonomies will be included in the resulting Form Element. Important, the other existing will not be included. 
    • Exclude Items
      • Define which taxonomies will be excluded in the resulting Form Element. 
    • New Taxonomy Item
      • Let the user create new taxonomies.
    • Ajax
      • Enabled/Disabled if the Form Element will load the taxonomies using Ajax.
    • Minimum characters
      • The minimum number of characters required to start a search.
  • Validation
    • Limit Selection
      • Define how many items the user can select in the Form Element.
  • Advanced
    • Hidden
      • Transform this form element as a Hidden input. This is useful if you want to have preselected taxonomies and not want the user to change it.

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