Form field State

Relevant knowing which state your users are coming from? Use this field type. By default, it includes the list of States from the United States.


Field Options

All the normal options are present in this field, to read more about them please continue in this link

Exist 2 important options to look into. 

State JSON

This option handles the list of State to show in the frontend as a dropdown. This option accept a valid JSON with a specific format of `key:name`, but this list groups the States into the respective country code. Look at the next example. 

  "": "--Select State--",
  "nostate": "No State",
  "US": {
    "AL": "Alabama",
    "AK": "Alaska",
    "AZ": "Arizona",
    "AR": "Arkansas"
    "UY": {
        "MO": "Montevideo",
        "SA": "Salto",
        "PU": "Punta del Este"
    "CU": {
        "HAV": "Havana",
        "TU": "Las Tunas",
        "PI": "Pinar del Rio"

Notice the `US` key is the parent of all parents from the US Country. 

Watch the Country and the Sate element in action.

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