Form Element Types

All elements falls under this two prototypes.

Variable Type Description
$label String Element label in the form. In case of the 'Vertical' view usage, element label will be rendered as a placeholder
$id String Element ID. If name were not set separately, name will be set to the same value as id. If not set, default id will {$formId}-elem-{$elementCount}
$options Array Used in elements like Option,Radio,Select. Array could be an associative array or a usual array
$attributes Array All elements support all html attributes (including data attributes and html5 validation attributes) plus following library specific attributes:
Library specific attributes:
Attribute Type Description
append String Append addon to the end of element. Ex: "prepend" => "<span class='glyphicon glyphicon-earphone'></span>"
prepend String Prepend addon to the begining of element. Ex: "prepend" => "<span class='glyphicon glyphicon-earphone'></span>"
inline boolean Used in radio and option elements. Indicates if element values should be rendered inline or one after another
minlength int Minimal length validation. No support on client side validation, only server side for now
shared String Element row should be shared between current and next elements. Value should contain bootstrap bootstrap col- sizing definitions. Ex: 'col-xs-5 col-md-4' if you want to fit 2 elements. Note that maximum row size here is 'col-xs-10 colo-md-8'. If bigger size will be specified, your form will be misaligned. See  views description for more information.
validation object Validation object. Ex: "validation" => new Validation_Numeric().

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