• Supports both Bootstrap 3 and 4
  • Responsive web design
  • Flexible layout
  • Small codebase
  • AJAX form submit out of the box
  • Form validation
  • Extra country list element
  • Extra state list element
  • Extra color element
  • tinymce and ckeditor element

This is a heavily modified version of the php form builder class to be used in WordPress. 

This documentation is mostly taken from the original documentation and modified to work for the WordPress version. This documentation is for developers interested in developing a BuddyForms Extension. If you want to use the php form builder class in your project please use the original version form here:

## Code Documentation

You can find the BuddyForms PHP-Doc documentation here:

Originally Design were developed by @wenzhixin. Maintained by @avbdr with a support of Smart Systems Original author @ajporterfield (2009-2015) Code licensed under MIT, documentation under CC BY 3.0

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