Starting a Form

Form::open() is used to initiate new form. Function will perform internal configurations as well will echo an initial form code. If on the single page multiple forms should be generated it is possible to use an objects returned by Form::open() to relate to the needed form.

Form:open() support all html attributes (including data attributes) plus following library specific attributes:

Attribute Type Description
action String Form action URL. Default is same page
method String Form submit method. Default: POST
ajax String Javascript function to called after the form's data has been submitted. Default is null -- ajax submit disabled
prevent Array Empty by default. Only value could be passed: 'focus' -- disable auto focus of the first form element
view String Form rendering type. Default is 'SideBySide'. Available types: Inline, Search, SideBySide, SideBySide4 and Vertical. See  Views for more information
errorView String Error rendering view type. Default: Standart
noLabel Bool If true, render all labels as placeholder

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