Use multiple post types with the same form

At the moment it's not possible to assign multiple post types to a form. We plan to build an extension to make this possible. Till than there are several work arounds. You can use shortcodes or better create a form for every post type.

Use Shortcodes

Shortcodes are stronger than the form settings. If you add the post type as an attribute, the form will use this post type. 

Display the form:

[buddyforms_form form_slug="FORMSLUG" post_type="POSTTYPE"] // Save under the POSTTYPE

Display the user posts list:

[buddyforms_the_loop form_slug="FORMSLUG"post_type="POSTTYPE"] // List Posts of POSTTYPE

Attribute post_type="POSTTYPE" does overwrite the form global post type settings

Important!!! Endpoints and integrations will not get affected from this. The shortcodes are stronger and overwrite the form settings but only on the page where they are used.

Use URL Endpoints

The most solid solution is to assign the same page to all forms in the "Edit Submission" section. Then we can use this page as hub.

This will create endpoints for all forms under the same page. See the example below.

1. Create url will display the form


2. Viewing url will display all submissions of the logged-in user or a login form depended on your setup. 


3. Editing url will display the post edit form


The attached page itself is not used. The content is free available so you can use it for any purpose. You can use it for example as hub with links to all the other forms. 

Use Shortcodes to add Form Navigation

[buddyforms_nav form_slug="form_slug1"]
[buddyforms_nav form_slug="form_slug2"]
[buddyforms_nav form_slug="form_slug3"]

You can create a Select Box (Dropdown) and load the correct forms depended on the selection. 

Please also see Use Multiple Forms on the same Page

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