Roles and Capabilities

In WordPress, we use user roles and capabilities to manage user permissions.

You can decide who can create, edit, and delete posts by checking the needed capabilities for the different user roles. If you want to create new user roles and manage all available capabilities, we recommend that you install the Members plugin. With the Members plugin, you can manage all WordPress capabilities for all available user roles of your wp install.

All WordPress Roles are auto-detected and will get the following Capabilities

If you check the All Submission the user role will get all user's submissions in the frontend.

The Admin Submission capability gives the ability to the user to access to submission from the administration, take into count it needs the minimum permission to access to WordPress administration.


Overview of the Permission Section of BuddsyForms

If you Check the All Submission Capability, the User Role will see all Posts of this form in the Frontend
With BuddyForms you can enable any user role to access other users' posts submitted by the same form to manage other users' posts.

Enable a draft button to allow your users to save a form as a draft and not lose there Data

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