Post Status Change Mail Notifications

Every form can have different mail notifications depending on the status of the post. You can create a mail notification for each individual post status. Use the select box and choose the post status you want to create mail notifications for.

Post Staus will be auto detected. If a Plugin adds its own post status you will be able to select this post status as well.

For every PostStatus you create a Trigger for a new settings page will be created too.

You can user Shortcodes to create an individual messaging text

  • [user_login] Username
  • [user_nicename] Username Sanitized

    user_nicename is url sanitized version of user_login. In general, if you don't use any special characters in your login, then your nicename will always be the same as login. But if you enter email address in the login field during registration, then you will see the difference. For instance, if your login is then you will have userexample-com nicename and it will be used in author's urls (like author's archive, post permalink, etc).

  • [user_email] user email
  • [first_name] user first name
  • [last_name] user last name

Published Post Shortcodes

  • [published_post_link_html] the published post link in html
  • [published_post_link_plain] the published post link in plain
  • [published_post_title] the published post title

Site Shortcodes

  • [site_name] the site name
  • [site_url] the site url
  • [site_url_html] the site url in html

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