Installation & Activation

There are two options to install BuddyForms:

Upload via WordPress Backend: 

1. Go to your backend to Plugins -> Add New.   
2. Click on "Upload".
3. Select the zip-file from your computer.
4. Upload and activate it.

That's it!

...or upload via FTP:

Upload the unzipped folder to wp-content/plugins 

Then go to your wp-admin to "Plugins" and activate it! 

Paid accounts: Activating your license key

1. Type in your license key.

2. Click "Agree & Activate License".

Other accounts: Activate the free version of BuddyForms

1. Click on "Activate Free Version".

Granting Access to

We recommend you to use the features of Freemius to stay up-to-date with our latest Features.

1. Click "Allow & Continue".

If you do not want to get notified about the latest news and features click "Skip".

Well done!

You are presented with the Welcome Screen of the latest version:

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