Display Form Element Values in the Users Post Lists

In BuddyForms we have 2 different templates for the user posts list. 

1. List (the-loop.php)
Every post is displayed in an "li" element

2. Table (the-table.php)
Every post is displayed in an a table "tr" element

Both Templates have many hooks to add content or actions to the listings.  
This means you can hook any form element into the listings without the need to overwrite the template. Please see the example function on how to hook form element values into the listing for each post.

Example 1 Template (the-loop.php and the-table.php)
Hook Form Elements under the Title or the Excerpt

Example 2 Template (the-loop.php)
Add a new div into the 'li' to display the Form element Value

Example 3 Template (the-table.php)
In this example we extend the table and add a new column to the posts list table to display the form element

If you don't want to hook your values into the listings you can also overwrite the template like normal WordPress templates.

Temaplate Overwrite
You can overwrite templates like normal WordPress Templates 
Please read the documentation on how to  Overwrite Templates

BuddyPress Temaplate Overwrite
If you use the BuddyPress Members extension to display the user post list in the BuddyPress profile read this documentation on  How to Overwrite Member Templates

Change post per page
If you want to change the default number of posts displayed ad once read the documentation on "How to change the  Use Post List - Posts Per Page"

How do I get the Form Element Values? 
Form elements are stored as post meta and can be accessed with the get_post_meta function. Please see the documentation on  How to Display Form Element Values in the Post

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