Auto Generate Content

BuddyForms give you the ability to generate the content of some fields base on values coming from other Form elements. 

The Form elements with the options are listed next.

  • Title
  • Post Excerpt
  • TextArea
  • Content

Each above Form element has the ability to auto-generate the result. The option is in the `Advanced` tab of the field. The final result will end in a string enclosed with a `span` tag.

Notice the field slug to be replaced is case sensitive.

Avoid the Inline HTML

This default behavior in some cases are not desired and exists a way to avoid it.

You can hook into the filter `buddyforms_form_field_include_extra_html` and you need to run your logic to define if you need to disable the inline HTML.

This filter hook is available since version `2.5.12`

The next example shows how to not include the HTML for the form `test-a`

add_filter( 'buddyforms_form_field_include_extra_html', 'bf_example_remove_inline_html', 10, 4 );
function bf_example_remove_inline_html( $include, $form_slug, $field_slug, $post_id ) {
   if ( ! empty( $form_slug ) && $form_slug === 'test-a' ) {
      return false;

   return $include;

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