Change the Post Status after Submission with a Filter or Plugin

In the form 

You can set the post status in the Form Builder for all submissions. With the post status form element you can enable your users to change the post status. In the form element you can decide the post status you want to make available in the front end post status select.

Use a Filter 

You can change the post status during form submission. To change the post status based on your own roles you can use the filter "buddyforms_create_edit_form_post_status"

The filter has two attributes $post_status and $form_slug. Return value is the $post_status

You can use this filter to set different post status for different user roles.

Use the BuddyForms Moderation Plugin

The plugin generates 3 new post status

  • Edit Draft –> Is a new created post or a new edit draft of an existing post and only available for your editing.
  • Awaiting Review –> You have finished editing and want your post to be moderationed and published.
  • Approved –> Your post has been approved and is merged back to the live version.

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