The 'buddyforms_front_js_css_loader' filter is called to determine if the BuddyForms JS and CSS should get loaded in the front-end.

By default BuddyForms loads all needed CSS and js if a form gets displayed. BuddyForms checks if a shortcode is fired or if the URL bellows to BuddyForms. 

This makes sure that CSS and JS are only loaded if needed.

If you build a BuddyForms extension and want to load the BuddyForms CSS and JS for your custom component. You can use the filer 'buddyforms_front_js_css_loader'.

If you call the filter and return a true, the CSS and JS will get loaded.


In the BuddyForms Members Extension, we want to load all CSS and JS if the BuddyForms component is displayed.

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