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  • Ultimate Member Capabilities

    Ultimate Member comes with its own roles and capabilities management and its needed to assign the BuddyForms capabilities in the Ultimate Member "User Roles" for every form. If you check the UM

  • BuddyForms Ultimate Member Social Activity Support

    The BuddyForms Ultimate Member Extension in the pro version supports the Ultimate Member Social Activity Extension. To enable social activity support just check the option. Please see the video to

  • Create a Ultimate Member Registration with BuddyForms

    You can use BuddyForms to create any kind of Registration Form. These forms will work for Ultimate Member too. Read this step by step tutorial on how to create registration forms step by step with

  • Add Moderation Tab to the Ultimate Member Profile

    If you use the BuddyForms Ultimate Member Extension and BuddyForms Moderation together you can integrate the moderation into the Ultimate Member User Profile and make moderation from within the

  • Create a Ultimate Member Profile Tab form your Pods

    If you use the BuddyForms Ultimate Member extension you can integrate any form with Ultimate Members. If you create forms related to Pods you can integrate these forms with Ultimate Member without

  • Manage your Submissions from within the Ultimate Member Profile

    If you enable Ultimate Member integration in the form builder and select an attached page under Edit Submissions, you will be able to manage all submissions from this from in the Ultimate Member

  • Redirect Form Endpoint to the correct Ultimate Member User Tab

    Every post related form in BuddyForms with an attached page has his own endpoint. The endpoints are used to create direct URLs to manage existing submissions or create new content by displaying the

  • Integrate a Form as new Tab into the Ultimate Member Profile

    With The BuddyForms Ultimate Member extension, you can integrate any BuddyForms form into the Ultimate Member user profile as a new tab. If you install the extension a new meta will be added to the

  • UM Profile Tab Visibility

    Define the Tab Visibility for each form. Private - Only the logged in member in his profile. Community - Logged in user can see other users profile posts Public Visible - Unregistered users can see

  • Create a Private Journal in WordPress

    Today a member ask the following question I like to answer in this Documentation: I want to be able to create a journal for my users on my membership site. I want to make it so that each of them has

  • How to create a books website where users can create books and chapters and enable other users to find their books in the profile

    Video Tutorial: In this video, you learn how to create a book website where users can create books and chapters and enable other users to find their books in the profile. Plugin needed for this

  • Overwrite Member Templates

    You can overwrite BuddyForms Member templates the same why you overwrite any other template in WordPress. Please see the general BuddyForms documentation on how to overwrite templates:  Overwrite Temp

  • BuddyBoss Member Types

    In BuddyBoss/ BuddyPress we have the possibility to use different Member Types. In combination with BuddyForms, you can create different forms for your different member types and display individual

  • Create a BuddyPress Member Profile Contact Form

    Create a BuddyPress Member Profile Contact Form These are the steps for creating a contact form so any visitor can get in touch with members, moderators, or administrators of a website without any

  • ​Create different forms for any BuddyPress Member Type and replace the BuddyPress Edit Profile form with Member Type-specific Forms

    You can create individual forms for any Member Type and display the form in the member profile edit screen. This enables you to design beautiful forms for your members and make it easier for your

  • Integrate a Form into the BuddyPress Member Profiles

    Every form can be integrated into the BuddyPress Member Profile as a new Member Profile Tab. After you have installed and activated the BuddyForms Members extension you have a new Sidebar Meta Box in

  • Redirect a Page to the BuddyPress Member Profile

    In BuddyPress, we do not have a page for the member profile. This makes ist difficult to redirect to the member profile. If you want to redirect to the member profile after "Submitting a Form",

  • Use ACF Fields in the BuddyPress Member Profile Edit Form

    With BuddyForms Members you can create different forms for the different Member Types and overwrite the default edit screen with a form. How to overwrite the BuddyPress edit screen with a BuddyForms

  • Display a Profile Form as new BuddyPress Member Profile Tab

    If you want to use a BuddyForms Registration form as profile form you can do so by 2 different methods. 1. Overwrite the default BuddyPress profile edit form with a member Type-specific BuddyForm

  • BuddyForms Members Instalation

    You can download and install the extension like any other WordPress plugin from your WordPress backend or download it from the site and install it manually. Free Download

  • Create a BuddyPress Extension from your Pods with BuddyForms Members

    In this tutorial, I want to guide you through the process of creating a BuddyPress Member Extension or a BuddyPress Groups Extension from your Pods. Integrate into the BuddyPress Member Profile If

  • BuddyPress Form Elements

    Select the form element you want to use in the Form builder Field Type select. Member Types Display BuddyPress Member Types in a Select box or set to hidden and define the member type for a form. Subm

  • BuddyPress Integration

    BuddyForms and BuddyPress work perfectly together. We created different extensions for BuddyPress. You can find the functionality listed here. Integrate any form into the BuddyPress member profile and

  • Create a User Driven Catalog Site or Link Directory or any Directory

    This tutorial is for learning how to create a new post type and BuddyForms forms for submitting and editing content from the front-end. After you have done this tutorial, you will have a new section (

  • xProfile Fields and xProfile Field Groups

    You can use xProfile Fields and Field Groups in Forms to collect and store xProfile data during registration or in your custom Profile Forms.  In the BuddyPress Profile Fields section, you can create

  • Create a Social Marketplace with WooCommerce and BuddyPress

    With the right combination of plugins you are able to create a comfortable BuddyPress driven Socialised Marketplace. In this Tutorial I guide you through the complete process on how to build a Marketp

  • BuddyForms Pods

    With the BuddyForms Pods Extension, you can integrate any Pods Field with BuddyForms This is the overview page about all resources we have so far about Pods and BuddyForms Blog Posts Pods – Custom

  • Integrate any Custom Post Type Related Plugin into BuddyPress

    In this tutorial, You will learn an easy way to integrate any custom post type related plugin with BuddyPress. With BuddyForms You can create a form for any post type. With the BuddyForms Members exte

  • Display Form Element Values in the Users Post Lists

    In BuddyForms we have 2 different templates for the user posts list.  1. List (the-loop.php) Every post is displayed in an "li" element 2. Table (the-table.php) Every post is displayed in an a table "

  • How to Build a Public Author Profile and an Author Box

    In this documentation, you'll learn how to Buil a Public Author Profile and an Author Box using BuddyForms, so your users can have their own Profile Page to publish content on your Site and an Author

  • Roles and Capabilities

    In WordPress, we use user roles and capabilities to manage user permissions. You can decide who can create, edit, and delete posts by checking the needed capabilities for the different user roles. If

  • Overwrite the BuddyBoss Registration

    The Registration Process With Buddyform you can take care of the complete registration process of new users and also use any BuddyBoss user field in the form by using the BuddyPress Members

  • buddyforms_front_js_css_loader

    The 'buddyforms_front_js_css_loader' filter is called to determine if the BuddyForms JS and CSS should get loaded in the front-end. By default BuddyForms loads all needed CSS and js if a form gets

  • Sync Advanced Custom Fields with BuddyPress xProfile Fields

    With the BuddyForms ACF and BuddyForms Members extension in combination, you can sync any ACF form element with BuddyPress. ACF Form Elements The BuddyForms ACF extension comes with 2 form elements.

  • Upload Files Capability from the Frontend for different User Roles

    I can't add media when I log in as a contributor. Is there a way to bypass that, or will I have to give users Author roles to be able to add media? By default BuddyForms takes care of the normal subsc

  • BuddyBoss Integration

    You can use BuddyBoss with BuddyForms in the same way as you use BuddyPress. BuddyBoss did fork BuddyPress and we support both versions with BuddyForms. Install all needed Plugins Install and