Create a Private Journal in WordPress

Today a member ask the following question I like to answer in this Documentation: 

I want to be able to create a journal for my users on my membership site. I want to make it so that each of them has their own unique journal that no other members can see (except for the admin). 
I want my users to be able to click on an MY JOURNAL link and be taken to a page with all their previous posts, plus a link that would enable them to create a new post, from your form, that will add to their journal.

BuddyForms User Profile

In BuddyForms you can create forms and post lists to enable your users to create and manage their posts from the frontend. 

You can embed forms and post lists via shortcodes or use the form endpoints and create links to this endpoints

Please read the documentation to understand form endpoints in detail:

Use BuddyPress or Ultimate Member for the Members Profile

You can use BuddyForms with BuddyPress or Ultimate Member to create member profiles. This enables you to integrate the form and the members post list into the members profile.

BuddyForms Members (recommended)
Ultimate Member:

Display Posts on the Site

Every theme or plugin using Custom Post Types comes with its own view to display the posts. BuddyForms does not touch this parts/ templates. With BuddyForms you define who is allowed to create, edit and delete posts. It has nothing to do with the display part of the posts

Display only the Logged In User Posts in the Frontend

If you want to limit the post visibility to the author of the post, so that every user only see there own posts on the site, some custom code is needed.

Copy the below function into your function.php and adjust the code to your needs. Change the "custom post type" to the correct post type.

This will enable you to filter WordPress posts of any view created by your theme or plugin and adjust the post display permission.

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